Children connect with nature on so many levels. At the Growing Tree, we nurture and develop with nature in mind. It promotes creativity, imagination, responsibility and confidence, all while lowering stress.

Growing our own food

We believe in healthy meals from the ground up! The children help in the garden, planting seeds and caring for the growing plants.

Observation-based learning

The Reggio-Emilia model is about learning by observing and exploring, not just learning from a textbook. We are hands-on!

Nature is better

Our school focuses on well-being with a nature-based daycare philosophy. Studies have shown the big impact nature can have on children and adults alike. We have outdoor classroom spaces, outdoor eating, exploration, and investigation.

At the Growing Tree we believe in nature, animals and creativity. We have a center and an in home daycare, both offering different environments with the same nature based philosophy.

Our in-home daycare and preschool has access to miles of forest paths, bee keeping information (owner is a beekeeper) and monthly field trips. Our center has a creative outside space, including chickens! Each location has an organic vegetable garden that the kids help with.

We are Eco-Certified, have organic gardens, and offer dance/Zumba classes, yoga, educational, fun field trips and American Sign Language. Please give us a call to join in….we can’t wait to meet you!

Next Steps…

Contact us today to learn more or set up a tour. In-home daycare is located in Westbrook, Maine, and the Center is located in Portland, Maine.