Infants are the very beginning of any childcare. We have the opportunity to help you teach and watch your child grow. We have a small ratio for this room.

Infant: 6 weeks to 16 months

Tuition: In home: $235/week

center: $303/week

Ask about our part time rates and availability

Toddler I and Toddler II

Toddlers are exploring and learning so much at this stage of development. Their curiosity is astounding!

Toddler I: 16 months to 2 years

Toddler II: 2 years to 3 years

Toddler I tuition:

in home: $220/week

Center: $279/week

Toddler II

Center: $259


in home: $220/week

Ask about our part time rates and availability


Preschoolers – need we say more?! They soon will be ready to stretch their wings and be off to kindergarten!


In home: $220/week includes preschool instruction and field trips.

Center: $259/week for full time

Ask about our part time rates and availability

All rates for in home include two snacks and two meals/day featuring organic, local foods whenever possible.

Field trips

Our in-home daycare offers monthly field trips to various places including the Maine Audubon, the Maine Wildlife Park, the beach, the Children’s Museum of Maine, and the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

The center may also offer field trips to preschoolers. Stay tuned for more!

Outdoor Classroom spaces

Studies show having an outdoor classroom space is beneficial to children, so we spend much of our learning time outdoors. We are also eco-certified.

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