Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Raising children is hard work, and we want to work alongside you to help you help your little ones grow into happy, healthy, contributing adults.

How much time do we spend outside?

At The Growing Tree, outside time is very important. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are our core values. We are an outside classroom as much as possible. When it is nice out we have circle time, lunch & snacks and playtime outside. When the weather turns chilly, we still spend a significant amount of time outside, both morning and afternoon.

What do we serve for food?

We serve organic, local foods, We also grow a significant portion of our fruits and veggies for the year in our large, organic garden. The kids participate in the garden as much as possible and it is a learning and growing experience for them.

What do we use for cleaners?

We use natural, organic, 7th generation cleaners for the toys and all surfaces in an effort to combat viruses and other contaminants. Toys are cleaned at least once per day.

What is the difference between the center and the home daycare?

Both locations have the same philosophy, it is a matter of location and size. Whichever location suits your needs, you can rest assured that your child will be in a happy, safe and nurturing environment!

Are you Eco-Certified?

Of course! This means that we have an early childhood learning environment that is healthy and safe, by reducing children’s exposures to toxic chemicals.